Tuesday, October 14, 2014



What is your NAME?  What does your NAME mean?  Do you have any idea why or how your parents came to choose your NAME?   NAMES are powerful resources for your personal stories. Each of your stories started before you were born.  So often when you think about your personal transitions from childhood through to your current age it is easy to focus on the negative things in your life.  And some of you may feel very negative about your NAME. Some of you may even hate your NAME.  If this is the case, then stop being a victim to it and change it. You can choose to be called whatever name you want.  For instance if your name is Edna and you hate that, what would you like people to call you instead?  Next time that you introduce yourself say, “my name is Edna but I prefer to be called Anna.”  After awhile you and everyone else gets use to it and you don’t have to even think about it until you sign legal documents.  If you hate it that much change your name legally.  That is powerful way to actualize your personal power.  NAMES are important identifying labels for you.  If you don’t know the story behind your birth NAME then go on a personal discovery adventure to ask questions of your family members.  Ask, how did I come to be NAMED ___________?  What other family stories are out there about other family members NAMES?   Become a story- teller and story collector of the NAMES in your family.

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