Friday, October 24, 2014


XANTHOPHYLL is the substance that turns leaves yellow and it appears that the season of fall is full of XANTHOPHYLL.  Fall is a beautiful time and it is important to drink in the richness of this beautiful season.  The green tree leaves give way to the colors of the season and the XANTHOPHYLL fills the cells of many leaves highlighting the brightness and complimenting the leaves of red.  XANTHOPHYLL is capable of bringing a smile to your face and brightening your mood.  How can you copy the idea of XANTHOPHYLL in your daily life?  It is important to brighten your surroundings and dress up the fall season with a touch of inner spectacular.  It is your time to shine, changing the monotony of green around you and complimenting your mood with ever changing positive emotions.  Which inner mood needs a little XANTHOPHYLL?   Why not go back to the word, “color,” and draw a circle and color the circle full of your current mood. When you are finished, color the outside of the circle yellow.  Notice what happens to your mood.  Next, draw a different circle and color it yellow.  Color the outside of the circle red and pay attention to which color gets your attention. XANTHOPHYLL is an amazing substance and it acts as nature’s paintbrush.  Act as your own paintbrush and bring some color into your life.  It will elevate your mood.  Whatever you do please go for a drive to anywhere where you can breathe in the colors of fall and fully enjoy the beauty of XANTHOPHYLL.

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