Friday, October 17, 2014




Do you QUIBBLE because of a control issue or do you QUIBBLE for sport?  To QUIBBLE is to take issue on small matters.  For instance, you can QUIBBLE about how to pronounce a word correctly such as “tomato” or “to ma ta” or you can QUIBBLE about who did the dishes last.  To QUIBBLE about small things can be amusing or annoying. I find QUIBBLING annoying.  I make the assumption that I am close enough in my explanation and you know what I mean, why do you need to correct it for me?  If you enjoy QUIBBLING for sport, it has to important to that you take in to consideration the other persons feelings and don’t QUIBBLE at his/her expense.  If you find yourself doing that, you must ask yourself what is pay-off you get from QUIBBLING at someone else’s expense?  Does QUIBBLING make you feel important?  Why do you need that to QUIBBLE to feel important?  If you are QUIBBLING with a family member about any chore duty perhaps there is a more direct way to get what you need rather than to QUIBBLE like a child?  Blaming someone else for your sense of being “overworked” is not very effective because it most likely starts an argument.  Arguments are distracting techniques where almost always nothing gets done.  QUIBBLING over something that has already happened if what people refer to as, “Why “QUIBBLE over spilled milk?”  The milk is spilled already. Clean up the spilled milk and move on to enjoy the rest of the day. Stop QUIBBLING.

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