Monday, October 27, 2014




ACHIEVE is the perfect word to follow yesterday’s zealous.  What does this emotionally loaded word ACHIEVE mean to you?  Does the word ACHIEVE make you feel energized and create that sense of “just do it,” inside of your being?  Or does the word ACHIEVE come with a mother-load of guilt that chides you with messages of,  “you should have had this accomplished by now?”  Either way, it is time to neutralize the emotional impact of this word and get to work ACHIEVING your dreams.  List three major things you want to ACHIEVE.   Ask yourself by what date and time do you want them ACHIEVED?  Then create a plan of action with specific steps as to how you are going to ACHIEVE the stated goals. Do not try to ACHIEVE these three goals at the same time.  Make one of these goals a priority and get to work on it immediately in order to build a sense of accomplishment.  Examine the why of this goal.  What will it mean to you once it is ACHIEVED?  How will your life be different as a result of ACHIEVING this goal?  Is the difference this goal is going to make enough of a reward for you?  To ACHIEVE your goals takes a zealous energy that speaks deep in your heart, not allowing for obstacles to interrupt you.  There are always obstacles along the path to ACHIEVEMENT.  Obstacles create opportunities to make your ACHIEVEMENT more meaningful.  To ACHIEVE is to thrive and to thrive is be filled with an inner sense of personal ACHIEVEMENT. Go for it.

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