Sunday, October 12, 2014



LOCK your doors. LOCK your car. LOCK your safe. LOCK your gate.  But do not LOCK your heart.  Yes, you have probably had your heart open and someone probably has broken it a few times by now. But if you LOCK your heart you are setting yourself up for a lot more grief.  A LOCKED heart can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other physical illnesses because a LOCKED heart does not allow one to feel.  When you don’t feel you become addicted to substitutes that distract you from feeling and one of the best substitutes is food.  The billion-dollar food industry wants you to love them so they make everything attractive and the unhealthier it is for you, the more attractive it becomes.   If you walk down the isles of the grocery store with a LOCKED heart, pretty packages full of additives, carbohydrates, and sugar will jump out at you and say something like, “You need me.  I will help you feel better and forget your loneliness.”  The grocery store can be the number one enemy to a LOCKED heart.  The next suitor for a LOCKED heart is the TV.  How many hours can you sit and watch aimless reality shows because it helps you not think about your own lonely LOCKED heart life?  A LOCKED heart needs to be UNLOCKED.  The key to UNLOCKING your heart is to begin to feel again.  It is okay if you cry.  It is okay if you are angry. It is okay if you are sad.  Those emotions will not kill you and if you let them come out, they will diminish over time.  Don’t LOCK your heart.  That will kill you.

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