Thursday, October 16, 2014



It is important to have inner PEACE.  Inner PEACE is a state of being content with whatever the situation is.  If you panic about something you are wasting valuable resources of time, energy, and action.  When something comes your way that is upsetting it is easy to lose your inner PEACE.   When you do lose your PEACE you can get it back easy too by practicing your mantra or your breathing.  Unsettling situations require a presence of mind otherwise you can make decisions and take action that is not helpful because of that deep inner need to fix things or control them.  When you are insisting on control, you will lose your PEACE often.  Practicing PEACE is an effort of intention that requires mindful action.  PEACE does not have to be illusive.  PEACE is something you aspire to achieve on a daily basis.  Take an inventory of the issues in your life that steal your PEACE.  Ask yourself how these PEACE stealing issues continue to harass your ability to enjoy your daily life?  Where do you need to shift your focus in order to maintain a sense of PEACE, regardless of the situation you are facing?  What do you get out of being hysterical about any situation?  Life happens.  People die. People betray you. People get horrible illnesses and have life changing accidents.  That is reality.  Reality is not powerful enough to steal your PEACE if you don’t allow it.  PEACE is an attitude and a practice.  PEACE is acquired by action.

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