Saturday, October 18, 2014




RESILIENCE is the ability to bounce back from difficult situations. Practicing peace builds RESILIENCE.  RESILIENCE is what humans need to make it through life. Life will throw curves balls all the time.  You may take a swing or two but remember you get three swings before you are out.  RESILIENCE keeps you coming back and analyzing a situation, looking at it from many different vantage points.  Then you learn to ask yourself questions.  One question is, “what can I do differently here?”  It is easy to get into a rut of doing the same old thing to solve the same old problems.  RESILIENCE allows you to try different swings at the curve balls of life.  Think about coming at your situation by going around the problem instead of going straight at it.  Consider going under or over a problem rather than straight at the problem.  RESILIENCE, bouncing back requires a spring within your being that allows you to get up when you have been knocked down again. Maybe it is important to take lessons from a boxer to understand how to learn to be RESILIENT.  Boxers get knocked down for a living.  Boxers get up to win.  You have to get up every time you find yourself knocked down in order to build RESILIENCE.  Many people are RESILIENT to germs because he/she exposes herself to germs in order to build up RESILIENCE.  RESILIENCE can be built and developed.  You are the only one can decide if you can get up again.  RESILIENCE is up to you.

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