Sunday, October 19, 2014




SEASONS are so refreshing.  Fall is my favorite SEASON.  What is yours?  SEASONS add a variety to the rhythm of life.  Can you imagine having an entire year of summer or winter?   That would be so boring.  Once you identify your favorite SEASON, ask yourself what are your favorite things to do during this SEASON?  SEASONS, especially favorite ones, can provide a change of pace, surrounding you with an aliveness that you just can’t create the other times of the year.  However, no SEASON needs to be hated.  Rain- storms and beaches can be fully enjoyed in the summer.  Snow, skiing, and fireplaces add ambiance and specialty foods to your winter.  The SEASON of spring brings you new life, green, and a sense of self-renewal of spring cleaning and de-cluttering.  Fall brings a chill to the air, colorful trees, and wonderful holidays like Halloween.  The SEASON calls you to the outside to hike, to see colors, to experience the crispness of the weather and taste the delicious fall flavors, such as pumpkin, sweat potatoes, and cinnamon.  The harvest is full and it is time to enjoy the richness of flavors, pumpkin carving, and dressing up in a Day of Dead costumes.  The SEASONAL change alerts you to how your lives are also SEASONAL.  Developmental stages mimic the SEASONS of the year.  A young child goes through very different stages every six months.  If you are being driven crazy by a SEASON, just wait for a few months, and the SEAON will change. 

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