Sunday, October 5, 2014


·       Affect is the innate, biological response to the increasing, decreasing or persistent intensity of neural firing. This results in a particular feeling, facial and body display, and skin changes. Affects feel rewarding, punishing, or neutral in their own ways. Affect makes things urgent.
·       Awareness of an affect is a feeling.
·       A feeling plus memory of prior similar feelings is an emotion. (From

EMOTION is at the heart of your positive and negative existence and it springs from a complexity of biological wiring that makes us who we are.   If you are feeling flat about your current life situation then it is possible emotions have become scary to you and you are unconsciously working hard not to feel.  EMOTIONS are scary when we have been shamed for EMOTIONAL expression in the past.  Have you ever had the experience of an EMOTION and found yourself curious as to why you would feel that certain way?  That EMOTION is full of information about something in your memory bank that is currently not consciously available to you.  Healthy people have a wide range of EMOTION and are EMOTIONALLY available to his/herself and others.  EMOTION is the spice of life and without a wide range of EMOTION then life becomes dull and boring.  Invite your EMOTIONS to have expression in your daily life. Color your EMOTIONS. Write your EMOTIONS.  Journal an EMOTIONAL letter to yourself or someone you care deeply about. Explore your EMOTIONS and flex your EMOTIONS to change the daily landscape of your life.

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