Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Shades of Light Display Beauty Everywhere


Stop!!! I know you.  Don't skip this day.   You are Brilliant.   What does that mean?  And how are you going to practice it today?  Brilliant is a combination of high light and strong saturation of light.   You are the only person that can be you.  No one else is the universe has the same finger print, thoughts, ideas, prayers, or smile as you do.  You are the person that interferes with how bright your light shines.  It can be sharp and clear if you would get out of your own shadow.   So, today the twenty-minute coach says, play with your light.  Walk through your house and turn on the lights and say, "I am brilliant."  "I am the light, and when I smile at someone, they smile back."   Get a flashlight and go into a dark closet.  Notice what treasures are stuffed away, hiding behind a stack of sweaters or in the corner, forgotten.  Bring out something you have forgotten about and enjoy it today.  As you enjoy it, enjoy yourself.  List five ways you have been sharp and clear helping someone else.  Be thankful that you are uniquely you and no one else but you can be you with your many parts.  Celebrate your brilliance.  Tonight treat yourself to something special and put a candle on it and light it.  Sing a happy song celebrating your brilliance.   

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