Sunday, January 5, 2014

Your Life A-Z EXPAND

The World is Yours.  Create Tracks to Where-Ever You Want to Go 


Yesterday, the word was Develop, something that is already working in your life to be more successful.  Today, expand on your development.  Expand means to express something more fully.  Allow yourself to do just that.  Express yourself, your thoughts, ideas, and successes more fully.   Be successful at what you love, at what gives you joy.  Expand your goals to enrich your life.  We are just beginning this year, expand into it, stretch yourself into being all that you want to be.  If you have been afraid of taking the next step, take it.  Remember, there is a three step plan for everything. 

Three step plans:
11.)  Write out what you want to accomplish.
22.)  List what you will need to do or have to accomplish it.
33.)  Begin with one step toward your desired accomplishment. 

Photo: Pam Smead

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