Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Your Life A-Z HUMOR


Humor is something that produces laughter, thus it is paradoxical.  What you find laughable, I may find offensive.  What sorts of events, words, pictures do you find humorous?   We know now scientifically what we have known for years - that it is important to focus on things that make us laugh.   If we can discover the humor in any event that is happening, then it is like good medicine; something that makes us laugh in such a way to forget what has been hurting us, even if it is for only a moment.  

Today, find some humor in your life.  Think about what it is that makes you laugh and invite it into your life today.  Go rent a movie that you find humorous.  Check out the comedy clubs in your geographical locations.  Comedy clubs exist for a reason, a very good reason:  to make us stop taking ourselves so seriously and enjoy a cognitive interruption that relaxes our synapses.  

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