Thursday, January 30, 2014


Never Know What You Will Discover Inside


By allowing yourself to accept your brilliance and gaining confidence with your new clear focus you will naturally discover properties about yourself and others that you have not allowed your self to see before.  Perhaps you have always been a creative person, but never allowed yourself to accept that your creativity is a talent that you own.  If you own it then you can get it out of your closet, dust it off and do something productive with it.

What parts of yourself have you locked away in the closet?  What were your dreams, desires, and hopes that you banished as being ridiculous, immature, or impossible?  Pull those out of the closet and dust them off.   Discover again the joy of being you and go for what it is that you want in your life today.  Or get out of your way and DISCOVER something brand new.  

Explore and create new ideas discovering things about yourself that you never dreamed existed inside of your soul.  Open the window and look inside.  You will probably be pleasantly surprised with the undiscovered gifts that have been beautifully wrapped inside of you all of your life.  They are just sitting there waiting for you to be curious enough to look inside and discover brand new opportunities to build the future you are wanting

You can never obtain excellence if your inner judge stops you before you even start something.  Anyone that has created something of excellence has failed more times than not and each time they try again, correcting what did not work before.  However, the joy of trying and discovering new things is a journey of inner excellence.  Enjoy yours.

Photo: RBDilley

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