Thursday, January 2, 2014

Your Life A-Z BREATH

Learn the Art of Breathing Deeply


Breath is our friend.  Breathing is something that the majority of us do without thinking about it.  It is also true that most of us hold our breath when we are anxious or troubled.  We only realize that we have been holding our breath when we let go with a long sigh and notice how good it feels to let go.  

During these 365 days of the TWENTYMINUTECOACH, YOUR LIFE A-Z, I will be referring to “breath” often.  Breathing, conscious breathing, softens our eyes and how we view the world.  Conscious, slow breathing, reduces our heart rate and decreases our anxiety.  Breathing allows our thinking to become calm and clear.  Make learning to use your breath as a positive influence in your life this year.  Count your breath. Count six breaths.  Count ten breaths.  Learn to breathe fully in and exhale slowly and completely out.  Notice the positive change in your feelings when you actually focus on your breath.  Notice how your body has relaxed and take a look around you and notice how "soft" the world feels. This is a free and fun tool to help you through the most awkward and frustrating circumstances.  

Photo: the Mystical Arts of Tibet, Puerto Penasco Mx. By RBDilley

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