Friday, January 3, 2014


Really Look, Observe, Wonder. What is this?


Young children are curious by nature.  They love to explore, observe, mimic and try to emulate the actions and behaviors of the adults around them.  That is why it is so important for adults to remember we are role models for young children. But what are we modeling for ourselves?  Have we stopped exploring and asking questions? We started just a couple of days ago with the word of the day, being aware.  We get to choose what to focus our awareness on.  Go back and look at what you wrote.  Look through the open window again and ask yourself, “What is it about this picture that makes you curios?"  What questions about this New Year rise up within you?  

I know it is not always what you hope to hear, but only you can answer the questions about your life.  No one else can answer them for you. You get to choose and the more curious you become the more you will be able to open doors that looked as if they are closed.  If you let yourself come to today with a sense of being curious, like asking yourself, “What will happen if do_________________, instead of ________________________?”   You won’t know if you don’t try or change it out.  What is the worst thing that could happen if you tried being curious?   What is the best possible thing that could happen?  Be curious and see how anticipation and excitement build up within you.  Take some curious steps to explore your current circumstances and see what you can change right now as a result.

Photo: Pam Smead 

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