Thursday, January 23, 2014


Everything takes Work!

Yes, you are right, life is hard sometimes.  But my question is, "So what?"  Life is hard and no one promised a rose garden.  By the way, rose gardens take a tremendous amount of work. Roses, beautiful ones, do not grow without daily attention to the right nutrients, water, light, and lots of pruning.  Roses need pruning all of the time and they have thrones. You need specialized pruning tools and I think leather gloves to attend appropriately to your rose garden.

Work is required.  Everything requires work. The breakfast you ate this morning required work; such as shopping for it, preparing it, and cleaning up the kitchen afterwards.  Nothing comes without work.  So work your plan step by step.  Once you complete step one, go back through those three questions and work step two.  Work it. What is it I need?  How do I acquire what I need and what is the action I take to make it happen?  Then do it. 

Nike means it when their T-shirts and logo say, "Just do it."  How do you think it is going to happen if you don't do it? The only Santa Claus that exist is the one you create. 

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