Sunday, January 12, 2014

Your Life A-Z LISTEN

Shh! I 'm Listening


To pay attention to something.  There is so much to listen to today; you really need to have a filter to help you focus on what is important.  For instance, if your partner is speaking to you, it might be important to put Facebook down.  If you are driving, it might be important not to have the music so loud that you can’t hear an emergency vehicle’s siren.  Listening attentively is what I do for a living. I am paying attention not only to the words that are coming out of a client’s mouth, but to the tone, the volume, and the body language. If a client is answering yes to something but is shaking his/her head no, then there is incongruence between what is being said and what is really being said.  In psychotherapy, most of us believe that the body does not lie.  As a result, using the body as a source of wisdom and intuition is very important. 

Today pay attention to inside of your body.  What does your body say to you about ___________________?  What is it your body thinks about what is going on in your life? Is your body relaxed in your relationship or uptight?  Is your body happy at work or frustrated?  What is the tension in your shoulders trying to let you know?  What is the knot in your stomach  screaming at you?  Practice your breathing and tune in to your body and listen.  Pay attention and take action toward releasing the negativity in your life.

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