Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Your Life A-Z GO

GO! The Sky is Your Limit. 


Go is an action word.  Go after it - as in, fetch it from yesterday.  However, did you know that GO is also a game, a very ancient Asian game?   It is a game of black and white round stones with simple rules that allows its players to enter a meditative state of focus.  It is often said that you will not get where you are going unless you focus on where and how to get there.  Where are you going this year?  How are you going to achieve your desired goal?  See, if I had chosen the word "goal" for the first “G” word of the year, you could have easily felt burdened.  “Oh my, do I really have to work so hard at this?”  So, I chose a playful word again.  “Go,” literally means don’t stay.  Move.  Get up.  Change your position.  Go.  Get on your mark, get set, and go!  Go forward now. Take another step toward your goal. 


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