Sunday, January 26, 2014



Finishing our first 26 Days on the Twenty Minute Coach ends with the word ZEST. Zest is that which enhances flavor, adding taste to what already exists.  Part of this year is building on what is already working for you.  What are your resources, strengths, accomplishments?  Take some time today to list them and really enjoy drinking them in.  It is easier to move forward in our lives, using the energy of the positive, rather than listening to the negative chatter that goes on like irritating static in the background.  Positive builds more positive.  Negative builds more negativity and is destructive.  Choose one thing from your positive list that you want to enhance over the next few days.  Add some flavoring to your choice.  What can you do to make it better? 

Zest, such as lemon or orange, creates a more enjoyable, gourmet taste to any of its desirable dishes.  What will help you feel more passionate about what you are already doing?  That in and of itself is the zest of life!  Enjoying more of what we love to do, and doing it better than we can even imagine is part of creating the life we love to live.  This is the year to get past just managing or coping with life.  It is also a year of understanding hope is a very passive energy that lures us into standing still and wanting things to change for us.  Embrace the change by adding some ZEST to your already successful start to the year.

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