Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Your Life A-Z AWARE

Check out Your Options with an Unobstructed View 

I have been asked by many, “what happened to the daily blog, where you published a word-a-day?”  I  reminded myself that I made a commitment to publish daily for one year a new word each day and readers could meditate, reflect, or journal about the word.  I kept my commitment for one year and now I will re-post those blogs in order that more of you can take part in this challenge to make the next 365 days count as you move into the present and become aware of your choices and actions. Enjoy.  


The word of the day is Aware.  Look out for yourself from the best vantage point.  Rather than getting to the bottom of something, get to the top of it.  In the movie, The Dead Poet's Society, the students climbed to the top of their desks and looked outward as they said with gusto, "Seize The Day."  

Seize your day from the top of the rocks, look around and be aware.  Make a commitment to yourself to live in the present.  Ask yourself some inner investigative questions.  Start with centering yourself.  What emotion are you aware of right now?  How does that make your body feel?  What happens if you breath six deep breaths and stretch?  How does the feeling change?  Be aware of you!  Be aware of your emotions, thoughts, body and use your breath to deepen your awareness.  

In an interview between Pema Chodron and K.D. Lang. earlier this year these two Buddhist referred to the Gap experience.  The Gap is that space where we stop, look up, and notice that there is a sky and it is blue, or stormy, or dusk.  The Gap is taking time to stop and notice.  Where ever you are right now, look up.  What do you see?  Does you visual environment make you smile?  If not, what do you need to change so that you can smile?   

Becoming AWARE is a practice of being alive in the moment.  Don’t miss this moment.  


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