Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Your Life A-Z NO



UH-OH.  No?  Are you telling me I can’t have what I think I want?  Are you telling me to use my voice and say “no?”   That is not very nice.  I can’t possibly tell my mother "no" or my child "no" or ____________"no."   I just can’t do that.

Well if that is what you really believe, then please, by all means, go ahead and impulsively get yourself into debt by buying what it is you want right now.  Go ahead and eat that extra brownie and watch your sugar levels increase and decrease while putting extra weight on your body to lug around all day.  Go ahead and take care of everyone else by saying "yes", even when you really want to say "no."  Let those resentful feelings continue to build up inside of you with all of the “yes” answers to those who are accustomed to you doing whatever it is they need when they think they need it.  YES…all of that is happening inside of you while you continue to be miserable with a lack of boundaries in your life.   So, today is a get out of jail free card.  Say “NO” to everyone and everything all day long.  Say “NO,” when you want to say "yes."  Practice today being not nice and just notice what it is like by the end of the evening.  Maybe you will actually enjoy the power of “NO” today.  Maybe today’s practice will help you use the word at least once a day to yourself or to someone else in your life.   Learning to say “NO” is one of the powerful lessons in your life. “NO” is a necessary and very important word.  Don’t ignore it.  Say “Yes” to saying “NO.” 

Photo: Pam Smead

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