Wednesday, January 29, 2014



It seems appropriate that the word "Clear" should follow the word "Brilliant."   If you allow yourself to accept your brilliance and smartness, your ability to move forward in life the way you want then becomes clear; and crystal clear about what you want to different in your life this year.  If you refuse to become clear, either because you are afraid and insecure, or your ability to self-sabotage yourself is so high you continue to let life interfere with your living.  Being clear about what you want requires that you do the hard work of defining who you are.  Reflect back on the word "Value," and ask yourself how clear you are about what you really value?  How clear are you about your health?  How clear are you about what makes you happy?  Mainly, how clear are you about the fact that in order to acquire your heart's desire this year you will need hard work, focus, diligence, and planning.  What is step 1 and, how are you going to get clear about accomplishing it and move on to the next necessary steps?  Let the clouds move out of your brain and let the sunshine in as you train your brain to see the details of what needs to be done.  Let the murky waters from your last distressful situation settle as you calm your thoughts and focus on redirecting yourself. Life is hard, so what?  Use your brilliance to create a clear focus.  You can do it.  Now believe it.   

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