Tuesday, January 21, 2014


If it is useful keep it ...if not recycle it. 

Since we are still in the first month, look around your house, what is useful?  Start spring cleaning early.  Clean out an entire room.  Pretend you are moving.  Do you want to pack it or move it? Is it a dust collector even though it has some positive memory attached to it?

In today's easy photography world, snap an IPHONE pic of the item, sell it on E-bay and make a few bucks.  You can keep the picture and turn the item into productivity for you.  What is useful in your life and what is it that no longer serves a purpose?  What is sitting around and each time you pass by it, you say, "what was I thinking when I bought that?"  Obviously it is no longer useful to you.  Get rid of it.  You do not need junk to sit around for you to dust on Saturday. 

Don't be afraid to let go of what is not useful to you. It is the same for jobs, friendships, relationships and anything else in your life that has become unproductive and/or a burden.  Let it go. Until you do, there will not be room for new art, life, or relationships in your life. You are not forced to continue to stay exactly where you are now.  Is it useful?  If the answer is "no," let it go.  Be useful or let go.  That is the new motto for today.

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