Saturday, January 18, 2014


Reach For It!


Stop expecting things to be delivered to you. Reach for what you want.  Stretch across the table, the aisles, and the negativity.  If other people can have it so can you.  You are no better or worse than those around you.  Stop being jealous about what others have and reach for what you want.  If you are not reaching, then it clearly is not important to you.  Don't judge yourself for that.  Just let it go and reach for what is really important to you.  Going out for pizza is so much better than having it delivered.  Pizza in a box is soggy.  A pizza that you reach across the table for is so much better.  Life is better if it is not handed to you.  You will appreciate your successes more. You will realize that you put your sweat and maybe even tears in what it is that you want.  It means more to you.  

Reach for the stars.  The stars are so far away and it often seems like we can never get there.  But if we use our bodies to stretch upwards to the stars we become more agile, our leg muscles elongate as we sweep down and touch our toes.  We feel empowered by this simple exercise and we learn to reach as far as we can.  Reach for  the choices you want. Who cares if what you want is across the table rather than instead of right it front of you. Reach for what you want.  Stretch into your differences and be who you are.

Photo: Pam Smead

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