Friday, January 24, 2014


Nutrients Can Not Be Viewed by the Naked Eye, But So Necessary

Probably not many of us remember this important word from our biology class, however I was delighted to find a useable "X" word for the TWENTY MINUTE COACH, A-Z.  Xylem transports water and soluble mineral nutrients from their tiny roots up into the rest of the plant.  The tension created between the water and xylem draws the water upward into the plant.  

This raises the important interpersonal question of where are your roots planted and how is your soul getting water in order for it to flourish?  If we do not do something to feed ourselves the necessary nutrients to live a life that is meaningful to us, we will dry up and die.  If we are living only for the next episode of Dancing with the Stars, we might want to check our pulse to see if we are still alive.  Dancing with the Stars is great entertainment and relaxing, but it is not the xylem that pulls the nutrients from the ground into our roots and up into our soul.  

What are you doing to feed your soul?  What do you do on a daily basis to enrich your life?  If you don't have a daily spiritual or emotional enriching practice, find something.  It can be reading something inspirational.  For instance, I enjoy Pema Chodron's writings.  Or it can be a meditation, prayer practice or yoga.  But before this month is over find something that will be your Xylem, pulling those nutrients and water deep into your soul. 

Photo: Mary Neil

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